Frequently asked questions

About us

What's your story?
We can start with our cupcakes. Inger Marie quit her corporate job in 2012 to pursue a passion for baking. She started her journey with company, birthday and party orders, and on weekends she stood at Torget in Mathallen Oslo. In the beginning her "employees" were her family (and some still are). Everyone participated in making it work. Now we can explain the pie-side of our story. Pierre founded Hello Good Pie in Mathallen Oslo the same year Inger Marie started her cupcake business. He developed some of the beloved flavors that are our bestsellers today.

They fused together in 2016 to create The Cupcake and Pie Co. But cupcakes and pies weren't enough, so they expanded their selection to making donuts as well. Now we are in Mathallen every day (except for Mondays) creating our original products from scratch - there's nothing like it! We've changed our name throughout the years, starting at Cupcakes Oslo and Hello Good Pie, changing to Mildrids Kjøkken, and in the end The Cupcake and Pie Co, but our recipes remain (almost) the same. We strive to upgrade wherever we can. 

Who owns The Cupcake and Pie Co?
That's Inger Marie and Pierre!

Our products

Where are your products from?
We make everything ourselves on site in Mathallen using our own recipes and natural ingredients.

How long do your products last?
We make everything fresh every morning, and they are the freshest when eaten within 24 hours. Keep cupcakes, pies and donuts refridgerated, and take out a little while before serving. Donuts can be taken out of the fridge earlier to reach room temperature. 

Do you sell your products anywhere else?
Currently we only sell our products in our store in Mathallen and at Vulkan Depot

Do you have anything gluten free / dairy free / vegan?
Yes! Check out our allergy friendly selection.

Do you make cakes?
No, we only make cupcakes, pies and donuts.

Is there gelatin in your products?
Yes in some, but it is halal and made from beef. See product description to find out if it contains gelatin. (The only exception is Rocky Road)

I see a product on Instagram/Facebook that is not in the online store. Can I still order it?
Yes you can. Sometimes the process of adding a new product to our online selection takes time, so it's not updated all the time. Send us an email to get the product you want. 

Our store

What are your opening hours?
You find them at the bottom of our website, on Google and Facebook. 

Where is your kitchen?
In our store in Mathallen and at Vulkan Depot. You see us make everything fresh every day. 

Are you hiring?
We are not currently hiring, but it doesn't hurt to send an email. 


How far in advance do I have to place and order?
Currently we require a 24 hour notice on weekdays and 36 hour notice on weekends. We only accept orders through our website. 

Where do you deliver?
We deliver in all of Oslo.

Does it cost extra to order online?
It's free to choose store pickup. When ordering local delivery we have a delivery fee.

Is there a minimum amount i have to order?
No! Order as little or as much as you want. 

Can I order as a gift for someone else?
Yes, you can choose a different shipping address from billing address. 

Do you do weddings?
Yes! Since every wedding is different, send us an email and we'll discuss it further.