The Cupcake & Pie Co.


The Cupcake & Pie Co. is the foremost producer of cupcakes as well as the first and only pie shop in Norway.

At The Cupcake & Pie Co. we don’t only sell cupcakes and pies, we sell handwork.

Our pies are all pressed, filled and crimped by hand; they’re baked in small batches throughout the day in order to ensure that we have the freshest pie on the market. Our cupcakes are piped and decorated by hand on demand and can be personalized to fit any customer’s needs. 

All of our products are made from high quality ingredients; for example, we use only locally grown and milled, organic wheat and spelt flour. And since both cupcakes and pies are produced fresh, everyday, for sale the same day, we don’t need to add any artificial preservatives into our recipes.

Visit us in Mathallen Oslo <"The Oslo Food Market">, where our skilled artisans produce fresh cupcakes and pies everyday, right in front of the customer.

The Cupcake & Pie Co.
Vulkan 5, 0178 Oslo
TEL +47 98898907 NO 996 892 999